WHAT'S PEOPLE'S EXPRESSION ,MEANING AND ANALYTICYS ABOUT FASHION AND STYLE. Fashion and style are one of the on high demand and recongnisable according to 21 century and it really acts like now days fashion is droolworthy ,whereby people to move away from first checks out his/her outfits thats why people move on street but there are some that admire you.So to act like so just get to know the place where you to wear ever type of fashion including gent wear,swagoutfits and more. Now days many fashion companies have come up make fashion pinpy because everyone wants to wear everything he/she sees on street forexample people watch music vidoes and sees fashion like  chris brown and tyga (loyal) style and everyone made sure that he/she gets and dresses that way. These days fashion makes things happen like a golden tooth at a smile;look a dude walks on street and surprisly come checks out a awesomesauce lady and what's her awesome her fashion plus the body as the sauce then